I started PēCHē over 4 years ago when my oldest son Evan developed eczema. While trying to find the right blend of products to treat his sensitive skin, including prescribed creams and gels, I became very unhappy with the end results: they either worked halfway or not at all. Oh, and I can’t forget about the high costs that came with each product. With having the typical household and daily life expenses for a family of four on a tight budget, I concluded that I could no longer afford to throw my money away on products that just wasn’t helping Evan.

Feeling almost defeated and full of disappointment, my husband suggested that I try my hand at making something of my own. I did a lot of research and finally came up with a combination of natural products that worked perfectly for Evan’s eczema. Not only was it gentle on his skin but it worked so well that he hasn’t had a breakout since the start of his at home treatment. Once my friends and family heard how successful my new creation was, my husband suggested I make more and add a small fee so I can continue production. Initially I declined assuming no one will buy it but they did and they loved it.


October 2015 I set up a small table at a local craft show with just a few of my products and sold more than half my merchandise. The success from that event has sparked my creativity and has allowed me to create more body butters, face masks, beard oils, etc. than I’d ever dreamed of doing all while keeping my prices affordable. I love to make PēCHē products because they work.

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